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Your every moment has a special reward

The more
you enjoy, The more
rewards you get.

Why should I upload my contents for free
without rewarding merits?
From the moment you meet FORESTING,
your every content turns into a special value.

PICK your favorite contents and get rewards together.

"Pick" is a vote rewarding to both voters and votees.
Support your favorite contents by PICK and enjoy FORESTING together.

FORESTING’s special
PICK, BERRY, Shooting

PICK your favorite contents!
Support your craving creators by Shooting BERRYs!
And collect your rewards with BERRYs!

  • PICK
  • A voting system
    to measure content value
  • A point system exchangeable with PTON (token), mobile items
    and many more
  • Shooting
  • A direct donation system
    to support creators you cheer for